Everything you need to know about turbochargers with Accelleron’s technical guides

An image of Accelleron's TPL67-C36 A170-L and TPL71-C35 turbochargers in a row
As turbocharging experts with more than 100 years of pioneering industry experience, we know a thing or two about turbocharging. We want to share our knowledge, which is why our technical stories and guides can now be found together in one place.

Over the past four years, charge! magazine has published news, features, interviews and technical guides from the world of turbocharging and the industries we support. We’ve shared insights from industry experts, thought leadership pieces, and tips and advice from the engineers who know more about turbocharging than anybody. 

Our technical stories on charge! magazine are now grouped together in one easy to find location, there’s a wealth of knowledge for you to dig into, whether you simply want to know more about how your turbocharger works, or you’re interested in ensuring it runs as efficiently as possible.

Everything you need to know about turbochargers with Accelleron’s technical guides

Our technical stories cover a huge range of topics, including what surging is, and how it impacts your turbocharger. We’ve published a guide on cleaning in operation for two and four-stroke engines. We’ve looked at vibrations in operation, including the causes and potential solutions. We’ve also provided tips to keep your turbocharger running more efficiently.

Check out our operator tips stories

Our operator tips stories include how to benefit from ‘peak shaving’how to maintain your turbocharger’s compressor stageturbine cleaning in operation, and how turbine hoods can make a difference to running costs.

Maybe you want to know more about how we actually build and test turbochargers, delivering an industry-leading service for our customers. How do we put turbochargers to the ultimate test, for example? How do we apply data science to our products? And how are we applying digitalization? We’ve answered all of these questions and more in our technical stories.

Technical features you can enjoy

Our technical content also provides a comprehensive list of features, looking at the mechanics of additive manufacturing, explaining how turbochargers can support the decarbonization journey, and providing an insight into how Accelleron and Sauber are predicting the future.

We’ve also got lots of other interesting technical stories, from why power stations use internal combustion engines, to our present and future fuels series, which looks at the pros and cons of everything from diesel to LNGmethanolammonia and hydrogen.

Have more specific technical questions? Check out our FAQ section on charge! magazine