Maersk Tankers to use Accelleron’s Tekomar XPERT marine software as part of its fuel optimization service

Press release | Baden, Switzerland | Sep 9, 2022

  • Maersk Tankers to utilize Accelleron’s Tekomar XPERT marine engine module as part of its fuel optimization services offered to pool partners 
  • Fuel savings of up to three percent following successful six-month trial on six Maersk Tanker pool vessels
  • Agreement covers vessels with non-electric engines in the fleet with option for the engine module to become a standard tool within Maersk Tankers’ performance optimization service offering

Accelleron, a global leader in turbocharging, and Maersk Tankers, a commercial manager in the tanker industry, have signed an agreement, as part of which Maersk Tankers will use Accelleron’s software on its pool fleet.

Maersk Tankers commercially manages vessels for tanker owners. The company develops and employs solutions that maximize their vessels’ economic and environmental performance. As part of this, the company offers its pool partners a fuel optimisation service, aimed at improving vessel efficiency and cutting emissions. Tekomar XPERT marine will give Maersk Tankers detailed technical and operational insights into engine performance and advise on corrective actions, therewith enabling the company to strengthen the fuel optimisation service it offers to its pool partners. 

In addition, the service provided by Tekomar XPERT marine significantly simplifies engine performance reporting between the onshore team and onboard crews, and hence supports efforts aimed at the reduction of fuel consumption, which in turn promotes greater sustainability in operations and a higher level of decarbonization to Maersk Tankers’ pool partners. Tekomar XPERT marine comes preconfigured for each individual vessel, and no additional onboard IoT infrastructure is required.

During initial trials involving six vessels, the vessels reported fuel savings averaging approximately three percent.

Kartik Kathavate, Head of Fuel Optimization at Maersk Tankers, commented:

“During the trials, the Accelleron software provided instantaneous insights and advisory for optimizing engine performance, enabling multiple stakeholders to take concrete action to deliver fuel and cost savings.”

Mauro De Micheli, Global Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships – Digital Solutions at Accelleron said:

“Operational efficiency is pivotal in building a sustainable future for shipping, and by working together our two companies can make optimal efficiency easier and faster to achieve. We see Tekomar XPERT marine as becoming a cornerstone in enabling Maersk Tankers to benchmark vessels by comparing engine performance.”

The Engine Module of Tekomar XPERT marine diagnoses engine performance and delivers instant optimization advice for reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Furthermore, by monitoring the engines, potential issues can be detected early, thus allowing pre-emptive actions to be taken, and is an effective benchmarking tool for optimal fleet performance. Tekomar XPERT marine is an established solution favored by numerous shipping companies, currently optimizing the performance of more than 8,500 engines in operation on more than 2,000 vessels.

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