Accelleron turbochargers adopted by Japan Engine Corporation for use in the latest UE Engines

Press release | Baden, Switzerland | Aug 22, 2022

  • Accelleron and Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) sign technical agreement for landmark introduction of Accelleron turbochargers to the UE Engine.
  • Accelleron turbocharger technology supports the UE Engine’s high fuel efficiency. This contributes lower emissions for the decarbonization of the global shipping fleet. 
  • The inaugural introduction of the A255-L turbocharger on the latest UE Engine model, 6UEC33LSH -C2 took place in July 2022.
Press release The Accelleron A255-L turbocharger for low-speed marine main engines

Accelleron, the new face of ABB Turbocharging, and Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG), the global engine licenser, have signed a technical agreement that authorizes the use of Accelleron turbochargers on the UE Engine, one of the world's three largest brands of low-speed marine engines.

J-ENG was established in April 2017 following the consolidation of Kobe Diesel Co., Ltd. with the diesel engine division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery Co., Ltd. J-ENG is the only company in the world to have an integrated system of the UE Engine from development to after-sales service and has a reputation for high quality and embracing the latest advanced technologies.

The UE Engine developed by J-ENG is continuously evolved by incorporating the latest technologies and future fuels in order to respond to market trends and diversifying customer needs.

The Accelleron A100-L / A200-L range of turbochargers is designed for low-speed marine main engines and with orders of over 5400 to date. By raising volume flow with increased power density and compact design, the high efficiency and high-pressure ratios of turbocharging increase engine performance. This feature enhances the high fuel efficiency of the UE Engine and contributes to reducing fuel consumption. It also contributes considerably to reduced CO2 emissions and decarbonizing ships installed with UE Engines. 

“The agreement between our two companies will strengthen both our offerings and we are proud that Accelleron turbochargers will be used in UE Engines going forward. Our experience and reliability make us confident that our proven turbocharger technology can support the attainment of high fuel efficiency and lower emissions from UE Engines as ship operators take action to decarbonize the global shipping fleet,” said Alexandros Karamitsos, Head of Global Sales for Product Line Low-Speed Turbochargers, Accelleron.

The first Accelleron turbocharger A255-L was introduced on the latest UE Engine model, 6UEC33LSH -C2, produced by the J-ENG’s UE licensee in China, Zhejiang Yungpu Diesel Engine Co., Ltd, in July 2022.

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