Accelleron and Danelec Marine partner to offer improved performance through joint data analytics service

Press release | Baden, Switzerland | Jun 8, 2022

Tekomar XPERT marine
  • New digital cooperation in the marine market delivers advanced utilization for enhanced vessel efficiency
  • Agreement brings together a high-quality data collection system and state-of-the-art analytics software
  • Joint solution works with existing data collection sources, no additional IoT infrastructure required

Accelleron, the new face of ABB Turbocharging, and Danelec Marine, a leading Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) manufacturer and maritime Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure provider, have signed a partnership agreement to offer a comprehensive digital service that combines onboard data collection with dedicated engine and vessel analytics.

The joint solution delivers real time operating data through the combined utilization of Accelleron’s Tekomar XPERT marine solution and Danelec’s intelligent DanelecConnect maritime IoT infrastructure. Tekomar XPERT marine is a comprehensive digital suite that provides emissions monitoring and powerful insights into vessel performance, while DanelecConnect delivers economic and operational benefits from the advanced use of ship data.

Press release Mauro De Micheli, Head of Sales & Partnerships, Digital Solutions, Accelleron (L), with Per Villemoes, VP Sales & Business Development, DanelecConnect, at Posidonia 2022

The fast availability of data from a vessel’s systems, including the automation system, the voyage data recorder, GPS, electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS), the gyro compass, the engine, propeller, automatic identification system (AIS), and individual sensors, delivered in a standardized and cyber-secure manner, will be analyzed via Tekomar XPERT thereby enabling actionable insights leading to efficiency improvements and cutting additional downtime for maintenance or repairs in port. No further onboard IoT infrastructure is required, and no manual collection of data from the systems is needed.

“Managing maritime assets when they are continuously moving, such as large cargo vessels or tankers, has always been a challenge and having them dock in harbor for extensive periods is very expensive,”said Caspar Jensen, CEO of Danelec. “The partnership between Accelleron and Danelec allows ship owners to leverage the benefits of automating data collection and delivering that data to shore for more efficient utilization, while also enabling optimized performance to keep ships moving and reducing their lifecycle operating costs.”
Tekomar XPERT Tekomar XPERT marine is a comprehensive digital suite that provides emissions monitoring and powerful insights into vessel performance

Owners and operators will retain full control over their vessels’ data and will be able to share operational signals via a secured and cost-efficient gateway through the Accelleron and Danelec partnership.

“By combining Danelec’s high quality data collection capabilities with Accelleron’s state-of-the-art analytics software, we are providing seafarers with a higher level of data-enabled services. This is an important step forward as the maritime sector focuses on achieving greater efficiencies and operational optimization,” said Mauro De Micheli, Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships for Digital solutions, Accelleron.

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