Upgraded performance. Easy installation.

For Himsen engines, from TPS-D to TPS-F

Increased energy output

“The superior performance of the TPS-F already helped many operators with a drastic increase of energy output and reduced thermal wear.”

Jann Koch, Sales and Application Engineering Manager, Accelleron

What you get

Increase your operational flexibility

Increase your operational flexibility ideal for harsh conditions


Maximize energy output

Maximize energy output by preventing de-rating


Optimize performance

Optimize performance lower thermal load and fuel consumption


Simple installation

Simple installation 100% drop-in, easy & fast


Power up your efficiency to TPS-F

The TPS-F brings big improvements over the TPS-D on your Himsen H17, H21 or H25 stationary engines. 

In harsh conditions like high temperatures, the TPS-D can reach its operational limits, de-rating the engine and hitting your energy sales hard.

TPS-F is a quantum leap in flexibility. The design includes the latest compressor stage technology with a wider compressor map and hugely increased turbocharger speed margins.


This advanced technology can mitigate de-rating, giving you additional power output and energy sales. There’s even the potential for further optimization to reduce the engine thermal load and measurably cut fuel consumption.

As a 100% drop-in solution, you can achieve all this during any normal service intervention, with minimal downtime.

Small step. Big gains.


  • Himsen series: H17, H21, H25
  • Fitted with Accelleron TPS48-D, TPS52-D, TPS57-D, TPS61-D
  • Diesel, HFO, Crude Oil

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