Upgraded performance. Easy installation.

From TPS-E to TPS-F in power generation high-speed gas engines

Around the globe satisfaction

“The benefits of the TPS-F turbochargers satisfy thousands of customers around the globe – day in, day out.”

Dominic Bonfanti, Product Manager Upgrades, Accelleron

What you get

Make real gas savings

Make real gas savings up to 1%


Get outstanding performance

Get outstanding performance even in harsh conditions


A simple upgrade

A simple upgrade 100% drop-in solution


Fast, easy installation

Fast, easy installation real gains with minimal downtime


Power up your efficiency to TPS-F

The TPS-F turbocharger brings big improvements over the TPS-E. With the latest compressor stage technology, TPS-F is a quantum leap in efficiency. The performance gains can be so big, you can make gas savings of up to 1%. 

Upgrading to TPS-F boosts flexibility too, thanks to a wider compressor map and better compressor stability. This can mitigate de-rating, giving you consistently stronger energy output. 

As a 100% drop-in solution, you can achieve all this with minimal down time during any standard service intervention. 

himsen engines

Designed for stationary high speed gas engines

  • Jenbacher series: J320, J612, J616 and J620 
  • MWM series: TCG2016, TCG2020 and TCG2032
  • Fitted with Accelleron TPS48-E, TPS52-E, TPS57-E
  • All gas types: Natural, Mine, Dump, Bio, Sewage gas

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