TPL-A turbocharger

Delivering high power and low emissions.

The TPL-A gives you the best of all worlds: exceptionally high performance with low emissions and fuel consumption. It’s designed for medium-speed four-stroke diesel and gas engines with outputs of 2,500 kW to 12,500 kW. TPL-A offers a high level of reliability, even in harsh conditions. Not to mention simple maintenance and long service intervals.


TPL-C turbocharger

Raising the bar for power, efficiency and operational life.

The TPL-C is designed to meet customers’ need for a simpler construction with fewer parts, greater efficiency at higher pressures and long operational life. Providing lasting, reliable performance for advanced medium-speed, four-stroke diesel and gas engines, with an output from 3,000 to 10,000 kW per turbocharger. With low lifecycle costs, low emissions and easy servicing, TPL-C delivers at every level.


TPS-E turbocharger

Compact design, low running costs, reliable.

The TPS-E is the compact turbocharger that makes a big difference. Lowering operational costs and fuel consumption, while delivering high efficiency and long overhaul intervals. Not to mention compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements. TPS-E is designed for high-speed diesel and gas engines, and small medium-speed diesel and gas engines across a range of applications. Including co-generation power plants, marine engines, generator sets, locomotives and off-highway vehicles.


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