Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Global Info

To external suppliers which perform work at Accelleron sites

Occupational health and safety protection as well as environmental protection are key values at all our Accelleron sites.

Over the past few years, we have been able to substantially reduce the frequency of incidents affecting our own employees thanks to the introduction of various measures.

Unfortunately, we have not succeeded in reducing the frequency of incidents to the desired extent with external suppliers (contractors, tradesmen, freelancers, etc.) who perform work at or for Accelleron. Since external suppliers often perform their work in environments they are less familiar with, they are subject to an increased risk of incidents. The prevention of incidents and damage is in the mutual interest of the contracting parties. Both contractual parties must fulfill their legal obligations in accordance with respective legislation.

External contractors must continue to be instructed for each work assignment; in the process, the risk assessment should be discussed along with the corresponding measures before the start of any work. 

Regulations and rules of conduct for contractors

  • The Contractor and its employees shall be familiar, apply and comply with all applicable HSE legal requirements and Accelleron HSE policies and procedures.
  • The Contractor shall ensure each task has written risk assessment. Work with specific hazards (e.g., hot work, work to electrical systems) requires additional Permit to Work issued by the Client. Permit to Work and the risk assessment must be available at the workplace at all times. Work can start only after all safety measures implemented and written authorization has been received from the Client.
  • The Contractor shall take all necessary safety precautions and is responsible for the correct implementation of all required safety measures, which is confirmed by regular checks and inspections. The safety measures applied shall follow hierarchy of controls (including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as the least effective ones).
  • The Contractor shall ensure all its employees are fit for duty, trained and equipped in line with HSE regulations. Minimum required PPE set should include work clothes, safety shoes, hard cap, safety goggles and protective gloves. Machines and equipment used shall be legally compliant (e.g. as required by the relevant local legislation) and inspected in accordance with local regulations and manufacturer's specifications.
  • In the event of changes to the originally planned work process, the work must be stopped. The Client must be informed immediately, and the risk assessment must be updated. 
  • In the event of non-compliance with regulations or unsafe actions or conditions, the work concerned must be stopped and the necessary safety measures must be taken immediately. If this is not possible, the work concerned must be stopped and the client informed. 
  • All HSE and Security incidents, accidents, near misses happened on site as well as hazards observed shall be reported to the Client`s supervisor and / or Site HSE representative.
  • Access badges must be worn visibly and returned to the issuing office after completion of the work.
  • Image recordings (e.g. photography, filming etc.) are prohibited without permission.
  • All installations, machines or equipment must be handed over in a safe operating condition.
  • The workplace shall be always kept in order and shall be left clean and tidy. Waste must be disposed of professionally by the contractor.

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